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Buy the Minutes You Need.

Is managing the cost and availability of sign language interpreters a challenge for your institution?

Set your budget and get services when you need them.

It’s Never Been Easier!

With Access Interpreting’s VRI service, video remote interpreting has never been so convenient and affordable. Access VRI for iOS and Android will turn a phone or tablet into a high quality video phone that supports on demand, realtime sign language interpreting for students and faculty.

When is Access VRI at its best?

Access VRI is ideal for use in tutoring centers, study group meetings, and for one-to-one sessions.

Last Minute Requests?

No Problem! You can have an interpreter on a device within minutes. No more late request fees.

Will Your Equipment Work?

    ​Access VRI will work on any iOS or Android devices or computer with a camera, microphone and speakers.

Wondering how Access VRI can be utilized at your institution? 

Schedule a chat with an Access Interpreting Representative.

How Does Pricing Work for Access VRI?

What Are The Costs?

Bundle Packages?

Bundle packages start at $2.85/min. Discounts available at the 3k, 7k, 15k, 30k and 50k bundles. More on pricing.

Bundle packages begin at 1k minutes. You can add from there in increments of 250 minutes.

Annual Plan

No Set-up Fees!

Upon purchase you have 12 months to use the minutes in your bundle. 10% can be carried over to a newly purchased plan.

With Access VRI there are no set-up or invitation fees.

Have a question pricing, minute plans or want to chat with a representative?





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