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How can colleges and universities find greater success when deploying remote interpreting services on their campus?

Student Account Access

Colleges and universities are empowering Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students by issuing them institutionally managed AVIA accounts and allowing them to place and manage their requests for remote interpreting services.

Issuing Equipment

Colleges and Universities are having great success issuing their Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students tablets to more easily access campus and student services using a remote interpreter.

Internet Access

Colleges and Universities are ensuring a greater likelihood of student success by ensuring that issued tables have both campus wide wifi access and a mobile Internet subscription service.

Regular Training

Colleges and universities are ensuring the effective and frequent use of remote interpreting services by students and faculty by hosting regular training and demos of the service and equipment.


Service administrators can monitor usage by student and overage usage by day, week, month and year. AVIA’s  reporting features give college and university administrators access to the information they need to act in realtime.

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What Does it Take to Get Started?

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Tech Requirements

AVIA will work on any iOS or Android devices or computer with a camera, microphone and speakers. More here.

Best Environments

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